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  • Three-quarters of Octocorallia species are found in deep waters. These cold- water octocoral colonies can form a major constituent of structurally complex habitats. The global distribution and the habitat requirements of deep-sea octocorals are poorly understood given the expense and difficulties of sampling at depth. Habitat suitability models are useful tools to extrapolate distributions and provide an understanding of ecological requirements. Here, we present global habitat suitability models and distribution maps for seven suborders of Octocorallia: Alcyoniina, Calcaxonia, Holaxonia, Scleraxonia, Sessiliflorae, Stolonifera and Subselliflorae. Reference: Yesson C, Taylor ML, Tittensor DP, Davies AJ, Guinotte J, Baco A, Black J, Hall-Spencer JM, Rogers AD (2012) Global habitat suitability of cold-water octocorals. Journal of Biogeography 39:1278–1292.